Travel: I’m in Miami, Trick

In the summer of 2014, I got an exciting message from Bronwen (my friend who dances in NYC). She was going to be spending another July in Miami to train in an intensive training program at Miami City Ballet and invited me to stay with her and her mom in the condo they were renting on South Beach. The Decoplage Condominiums overlook the beach and the building also has its own private outdoor pool. It is right next to the Ritz Carlton on Lincoln Road. It was a great location because Lincoln Road is great for shopping and restaurants, and you can walk right out onto the beach. I love walking down Lincoln Road at night after it has cooled down because they have all the patio lights on at all of the restaurants and there are people performing and music around every corner. Bronwen and I also appreciated how good Miami makes piña coladas. We had them at every restaurant.

My birthday is on July, 24th so while I was in Miami, Bronwen and her mom took me out to dinner on Española Way. This is an area near South Beach full of Spanish colonial architecture and restaurants.

To conclude this trip, I was lucky enough to see Bronwen perform at her showcase at Miami City Ballet. She is a very talented dancer and works so hard. I am very proud of her. We drove back to Canada and it was quite the road trip. Our car ended up breaking down in Bethesda, Maryland so we stayed at a Marriott for a few nights and made a trip into Washington, DC for a day (my second time there).

Pictures included below:

View of South Beach from the Decoplage.


South Beach


Ocean Drive


Decoplage Poolside
Piña Coladas
WWII Monument
Hope Diamond at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

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