Photography: Capturing the Allure of an Abandoned Factory

If there is one thing that fascinates me when looking for cool ideas to do a photo series on, it’s abandoned buildings. There is just something about abandoned places that draws your attention and makes you ask questions — questions pertaining to the life that once surrounded them. It is extraordinary how a place so dead can be so full of life at the same time.

Dating back to 1872, the Enterprise Fawcett Foundry in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada holds large historic value as a once thriving manufacturing company. They made a combination of stoves and heating equipment, such as furnaces.

Throughout the years, the factory has suffered many devastating fires, the first in 1908 and the last in 2012.

Walking on the grounds today, the ruins consist of crumbling bricks, shattered windows, piles of scrap metal and other “skeletons” of former manufactured products.

Here are a series of photos that hold the ghosts of what once was a booming industry within the Sackville community.


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