New York, New York: August 2017

Shop, eat, spend even more money than you planned, hear the sound of car horns honking 24/7, listen to the music in the streets and enjoy the culture that is New York City! 

This summer I had the privilege of re-visiting my favourite city on earth, New York City! I have a friend who does ballet in the city, but unfortunately she lives in a very small one-bedroom apartment with her mother on the Upper West Side, so I was unable to stay with her. I was able to find a clean bedroom in a secure building on the Upper West Side (105th St W at Columbus) on AirBnB.

We were still able to meet up and explore the city together, although I did have a few hours wandering the city on my own. NYC is a pretty safe city to be in, if you are familiar with the areas. Here is a list of things we ended up squeezing into the short 4-day time period:

The 4-Day Itinerary

Day Number One

  • Flight departs from Syracuse – 11:55am (Syracuse, NY is a 2h45m drive from Kingston, ON, Canada, where I live) It was a VERY early morning to say the least.
  • Flight arrives at JFK just after 1pm – took a yellow cab into the city. They will charge you a flat rate of $52 to take you anywhere in Manhattan from JFK, plus tolls.
  • Takes about an hour to get into the city – Check in to AirBnB about 2pm
  • My friend Bronwen had to walk her dog, so we met up a few hours later
  • Bron & I made our first stop at Vive la Crêpe, a creperie on Columbus Ave at 86th St W


  • Walked around Central Park – visited Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

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  • Walked the High Line an old above ground subway track turned into a walkway with public gardens and art installations
  • Took the Uptown subway (towards the Bronx) back up to the station at 103rd St W, which was two streets from my AirBnB

Day Number Two

  • Took the subway from the 103rd W station to the 72st W station (Towards Downtown & Brooklyn)
  • Walked around Central Park, enjoyed the noises of the city (mostly car horns)

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  • Breakfast: Alice’s Tea Cup (73rd St W, an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant! Came here the last time I was in NYC)


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  • Lunch: Via Quadronno (73rd St E, Italian restaurant, known for their cappuccinos and paninis) It was fabulous, would definitely recommend!


  • Shopping in Times Square!
  • Dinner: Qi Bangkok Eatery (NYC is an expensive place to be, so if you are looking for good food at a decent price, would recommend eating here, if you like Thai, which I love)


Day Number Three

  • Took subway from 103rd St W to 72nd St W again to meet Bronwen


  • Breakfast: While I waited for her, I grabbed a garlic bagel at Zucker’s Bagels and Smoked Fish – The guys that work here are from Brooklyn and I must say, were very flirtatious with the guests, but they offer an authentic, hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagel — NYC style!
  • Went to the Rubinstein at the Lincoln Centre to buy discount Broadway tickets for Phantom of the Opera – with the 50% discount, we paid $72/ticket (orchestra seats)
  • Took the subway to Union Square for some rainy day shopping

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  • Lunch: Max Brenner – Chocolate Bar, Restaurant & Shop


  • Stopped at Dylan’s Candy Bar (Started by Ralph Lauren’s daughter)

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  • Took subway to Times Square to chill and browse before the show (Phantom) It was still raining so we went into a little coffee shop for some hot chocolate. Starbucks was across the street, but of course, the line was miles long

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  • More Shopping – and a stop at one of the many souvenir shops because I am such a tourist

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  • The View – A revolving restaurant on the 48th floor of the Marriott overlooking Times Square. Nice view, but very pricy. The cheapest glass of wine is $15 and they charge an $8 cover fee per person if you are not a guest of the hotel. They wait until you are seated to tell you this, so beware!

Day Number Four

  • Got up and packed
  • Met up with Bronwen
  • Breakfast: Alice’s Tea Cup – Again!
  • Walked around Central Park to enjoy the many classic sights of the city for the remaining couple hours
  • Went back to the AirBnB to check out and grab my things, caught a cab
  • Flight departed from JFK at 4:45pm
  • Until next time New York!


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